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Our Services

I offer a variety of additional services to assist you in completing your creation;

Quilts by Mail:

I will accept your quilt by mail to my studio in Hamilton Ontario and return by UPS at my expense. In this age of electronic communication we can decide on quilting details together, and I will e-mail suggested designs and details for your approval after I see your quilt.

Email me or phone for details.

Binding Services:

I can prepare binding, straight or bias from yardage you provide to match your quilt top.  I will apply by machine, prepared straight or bias binding ready for you to hand finish.

Hand stitch prepared binding to the back of your quilt.

Pricing: upon request

Quilt Backs:

I can prepare your quilt backing from yardage provided by you.

Machine Basting:

I will machine baste your completed quilt top, batting, and backing ready for your beautiful hand quilting.


I can supply a variety of battings appropriate to the style and intended use of your quilt.

Prices available upon request based on current retail pricing. Batting offered at per inch pricing.


Failure to adequately prepare your top could result in delays in delivery and extra costs to you; these repairs are at my discretion. I will call you if I feel the quilt needs additional work and you will have the option of completing them yourself or have me do them for you.

Cost of any repairs deemed necessary by the quilter prior to quilting will be charged according to a $20.00/hour fee.

Remember preparation time is time well spent and will result in a quality quilt which will be cherished for many years to come.

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quilts by mail
quilts by mail
basting a quilt
basting a quilt
quilt batting
quilt batting